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LATEST PEST NEWS: With the warm Autumn temperatures pest numbers are still high, with ant and wasp nests at their maximum size. With the first cool snap, rodents will be looking for a way indoors, so make sure your home is rodent proof. If you have a problem give us a call!

Go Pest is the local professional pest control business, looking after locals. Based in the Bendigo area for over 25 years, we live here, work here and understand the needs of local homeowners, businesses and the community.

We are here to protect your home, family, business and customers from all manner of pests. Whether you're looking to protect your family from spiders and other household pests, or to protect your home from the destruction termite can cause, we are here to help.

Go Pest is committed to providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective pest control and termite protection services. By ensuring our technicians have been trained in the latest techniques and by using the latest products and technology, we ensure that we provide the best possible pest service. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our work.

For complete pest control services that will help you rest easy, speak to Go Pest.

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Want a pest free home or business?

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Worried about termites?

Whether you suspect your home is under termite attack or you want to be proactive in protecting your property from termites, we are termite specialists here to help. Termite inspections, termite treatments and protection systems are all part of our services. Learn more..

Buying a home or property?

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Building a home or renovating?

Building a home is a very stressful experience, with so many decisions to make. Whether you are building a home or renovating is is vital you get expert advice on termite protection before you start, to make sure your investment is protected. Learn more...