What type of businesses and organisations do we service?

  • Food handing establishments – There are strict pest control requirements on food handling establishments (restaurants, food storage and manufacturing facilities). A robust pest management process and documentation is required to keep the facility pest free and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Warehouses – typically require rodent and bird protection services

  • Schools & Health facilities – Keeping these facilities pest free, whilst ensuring treatments are discrete and prevent accidental contact is vital

  • Hotels – Keep rooms pest free and ensuring an active bed bug management plan in place, are vital to protect the guests and the business from adverse publicity and litigation

  • Grain storage – rodents and stored product pests are the common problems. In addition to developing a management program, Go Pest Bendigo have the fumigation licenses to carry out treatments as required.

What commercial pest control services do we provide?

General pest control services

For many business and food establishments, our general pest control services are designed to keep your premises free from the typical pest control problems – cockroaches, ants and spiders. We can carry out ad hoc treatments, or although more commonly agree a service plan depending on your requirements. Typically this will be monthly, quarterly or annually.


Rodent management is often an ongoing activity for many businesses and organisations. Go Pest Bendigo tailor our commercial rodent programs to each situation. Depending on the level of activity the frequency of servicing will vary. With safety a priority, we always use lockable, secure bait stations.

Pigeon and bird

Go Pest Bendigo provide bird management services to businesses across Central Victoria. The focus is on bird exclusion and we design systems using a variety of products to prevent birds nesting, entering or resting in and around buildings.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs bite humans for a blood meal. They can be very difficult to control and need a comprehensive inspection treatment and management plan to eliminate the problem. Go Pest treat a large range of domestic and commercial sites for bed bugs, using a range of techniques to eliminate the pests. For hotels and motels we can provide guidance on bed bug management.


Although termite inspections and protection is a key focus for homeowners, termite management is still an issue for business owners and facility managers. Termites have the ability to find wood in any building if the conditions are favourable – there are plenty of examples of termites getting into steel framed and concrete slab commercial buildings to eat furniture, fixtures and fitting and paperwork!

Annual termite inspections are a minimum requirement for all buildings (commercial and residential) and depending on the situation, it is often recommended that an termite management be installed around the building (soil treatment or baiting system). With buildings one of the key business assets, it makes sense to protect them from termites, as termite damage will not be covered by your building insurance.

If you are constructing a new business building, Go Pest Bendigo to discuss the termite protection options that can be incorporated into the design before and during construction.

Grain storage treatments

Go Pest Bendigo have pest managers trained in fumigation to keep grain storage facilities free from stored product pests. In conjunction with our rodent management programs, we can provide a comprehensive pest management plan to protect your valuable commodity.

What documentations and support do we provide?

Providing pest control to businesses and organisations is more than just providing the pest control treatment, having the required process, documentation and ongoing support in place, is all part of the professional services from Go Pest Bendigo. We will design a program suitable for your business and provide you with the necessary documentation and process required to meet the internal and/or external regulatory requirements for your type of business.

For commercial clients, most will require a Service Register, which includes details of the pest management plan, maintenance sheets, product safety data sheets and pest activity sheets, which are used by employees to record information in between services.

We can also provide training for staff, which is especially important for restaurants, food establishments and the hospitality industry. Carrying out preventative measures, having good hygiene process and spotting / recording any pest issues are vital to a successful pest management plan.

Call Go Pest Bendigo to protect your business or organisation from pests.