Homeguard Precision Termite Management

Termites are experts at getting through smallest gaps into homes, in fact they can crawl through cracks as small as 2mm. When any home or extension is being built, it is important to use a combination of physical and chemical barriers to protect all possible entry points and prevent termites from getting into your house without being noticed.

Go Pest utilise the Homeguard system to protect new homes and extensions, a system that is used by leading builders around Australia and overseas. The system is a multi-component system that provides protection under concrete slabs, along perimeter walls, wall void, brick piers and pipe entry points. The Homeguard components are a combination of highly durable plastic impregnated with insecticide, providing both a physical and chemical barrier against termite attack.

Go Pest are full accredited to install the Homeguard system and installations installed by Go Pest are backed by a manufacturers $1 million, 25 year warranty giving you that complete peace of mind. (Conditions apply).

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Depending on the property we may combine Homeguard with liquid soil treatments with or without a reticulation system (see termite treatments for more information). This is where the Go Pest termite expertise comes into play, we design a termite protection system to meet your property and your budget.

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(Note: All systems are designed to prevent concealed termite attack. No system can 100% guarantee that termites won't attack your property, as theoretically termites could build a trail around any barrier. However, the combination of termite management system and regular termite inspections does allow manufacturers to provide warranties which give you that complete peace of mind).

Should I listen to my builder or Go Pest?

Some builders provide homeowners with great advice on termite management options but some builders are not as knowledgeable or try to get away with the cheapest options to make more profit. At Go Pest we always recommend that homeowners should consult with a professional termite company as well as their builder at the start of the project. The homeowner then gets the best advice and can make an informed decision on what termite management system they want to incorporate into their new building. When you are spending hundreds of thousands on a new home, it pays to get the best advice and sometimes pay a little more to protect your investment.