Why choose Go Pest for your pest inspection?

It's important to know that the company carrying out your pest inspection is working for you (not the real estate agent). You need to make sure you are aware of any timber pest problems with the property your are interested in buying. Go Pest will not be rushed in our inspection and will take as long as required to complete a thorough inspection. The benefits of using Go Pest include

  • Experience, licensed and fully insured inspectors
  • Use of Termatrac, termite detection technology
  • Comprehensive 20+ page report with photos
  • Buyers can be present on site at the time of the inspection
  • Verbal report provided after completion of the inspection

Call Go Pest to book your pre-purchase pest inspection

What's the difference between a pre-purchase pest inspection and a standard termite inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection or more accurately a timber pest inspection is carried out before the purchase of a property (either by the seller and / or buyer). It will assess the property for more than just termites, also looking at borer activity, wood decay fungus and mould. Given its importance in the sales process, an agreement needs to be signed before an inspection is carried out.

In contrast the standard termite inspection is carried out by property owners as part of their normal property maintenance routine. Normally these inspections are carried out on an annual basis, but sometimes more frequently on properties with a higher risk of termite attack. No pre-inspection agreement is required and the inspection is focused solely on termites. (However, if we spot wood decay or borer issues, we will let you know!).

Do you really need a pest inspection when buying a home?

CSIRO estimate that at least 1 in 5 homes have a history of termite attack. Termite damage is often not visible to the untrained eye until significant damage is done, which means if you skip the pest inspection you could be buying a house with a damage repair bill of tens of thousands of dollars just waiting for you. Sometimes the home is so badly damaged they need to be knocked down. It does happen! Termite damage is not covered by your home insurance and so you could be facing financial disaster. For the small cost of a pest inspection you can be sure you are buying a investment free of termite issues.